Report Your iPhone Stolen, Get A Visit From The FedEx Thugs

Apple shipped Dianna’s iPhone via FedEx to her apartment, but an unknown neighbor signed for it, and the phone never reached Dianna. She filed a police report on the missing phone, which earned her an early-morning visit from three men she calls FedEx’s “thugs.”

She writes:

I filed a police report on a stolen FedEx package after the FedEx delivery driver had a neighbor I didn’t know in my building in [redacted] sign for a package from Apple. A week later, I had three FedEx men show up unannounced, pounding on my door and shouting my name at 8 am. The three men from FedEx harassed me about having filed a police report and complained that delivery driver (one of the men present) would have to pay for the $600 package (it contained an iPhone). I was shocked to have to deal with this kind of intimidation and demanded how they got into my building without buzzing. They informed me that they had “let themselves in.”

I’ve made a formal complaint with FedEx but still feel unsafe and troubled by the situation, as I am a young, single woman and these men know where I live.

The next day, after getting through the FedEx, she updated us:

Yes, they had a customer service rep. call me and she had the manager of the FedEx in my neighborhood call me. He apologized for the employees behavior but nothing else has really come of it. I’m just not really sure how to go about the situation any further. It’s just such a strange thing to have happened. I’ll keep you posted.

It sounds like the driver is the one who screwed up here. Apple’s shipping policies state that you can authorize a neighbor to receive your package, but you have to actually, you know, authorize them.

Option 3: Sign to release your shipment to your address, an immediate neighbor, or a building manager

If you do not pre-sign for your package through Apple and you are not available for delivery, the carrier leaves a Delivery Notice on your door after the first delivery attempt. Our carrier attempts delivery three times before returning your package to Apple.

If you will not be available for one of the delivery attempts, sign the Delivery Notice and leave it on your door prior to the next delivery attempt.

You can designate a preferred delivery location (e.g., front door, back door, immediate neighbor, building manager). If you designate an address other than the one specified on the package, someone must sign for the package.