Watch "Winnebago Man" For Free And Meet The Man Behind The Rant

“Winnebago Man” is a famous viral video of all the profanity-dripping outtakes of an old-school salesman trying to make a Winnebago promo, and failing. Now, the feature documentary of the same name about trying to track down the reclusive and unwitting star is available to watch online for free until August 25.

You can watch the film in full at SnagFilms.

The original footage made its way around the bootleg video circuit during the 80’s before it was uploaded to YouTube and went nuclear. This film tries to find out who this man Jack Rebney is and what made him go off on that faithful shooting day. But the acid-tongued pitchman initially has little interest in participating in what he fears will just be another reason for people to mock him. Little by little he’s lured away from his hermitage and into the limelight to embrace his internet celebritude and find out that he is actually beloved, while never losing the sharpness of his crotchety edge.

The video preview below is NSFW because of cursing.

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