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Watch "Winnebago Man" For Free And Meet The Man Behind The

Watch "Winnebago Man" For Free And Meet The Man Behind The Rant

“Winnebago Man” is a famous viral video of all the profanity-dripping outtakes of an old-school salesman trying to make a Winnebago promo, and failing. Now, the feature documentary of the same name about trying to track down the reclusive and unwitting star is available to watch online for free until August 25. [More]

Winnebago Man Doc In Theaters Now

Winnebago Man Doc In Theaters Now

You’ve probably seen the incredible video on YouTube called “Winnebago Man,” which is the outtakes of a Winnebago salesman trying and failing hilariously to make a marketing video. Every time he stumbles over his lines there’s another incredible foul-mouthed tirade. But who was this man? And what happened on that day 20 years ago that got him so fired up? To find out, Documentary filmmakers tracked down the man, Jack Rebney, now old and crotchety as ever, living in his mountain house, and the result is Winnebago Man and it looks awesome. Here’s the gloriously profanity-laced NSFW trailer: [More]

Winnebago Video Siphons from its Septic Tank

An oldy but goody, which superstar Bucky rejigged in our memory, these are the outtakes of Jack Rebney taping a marketing video for Winnebagos. Let’s just say this, he gets frustrated very easily…NSFW.