The Benefits Of Hanging On To An Older Car

Although it’s tempting to want to buy a flashy new ride to keep pace with neighbors, friends and coworkers, there’s a significant financial incentive to run an older vehicle into the ground.

A writer at Consumerism Commentary declares his frugal-minded commitment to his 2004 Honda Civic. He finds the car to be a reliable warhorse in his battle to save his money for things that matter more to him.

In the past four years he’s owned the car free and clear, he calculates he’s saved $14,400 by not springing for a new car in that span. And by focusing on reliability rather than looks and creature comforts, he guesses that he’s saved at least $3,000 in maintenance.

What’s the longest you’ve held on to an old car?

Why I Still Drive My Old Honda Civic [Consumerism Commentary]