Dine On Low-Cal Food At… The Cheesecake Factory?

Those who go to Cheesecake Factory usually abandon all hope of keeping their calorie counts down. But in order to appeal to the portion of potential diners who would rather not split their pants, the indulgent restaurant introduced the SkinnyLicious menu, with 15 dishes under 590 calories and 12 appetizers with fewer than 490 calories.

USA Today likens the unlikely diet menu to a quiet zone at Chuck E. Cheese’s. The restaurant is accomplishing its low-cal feat by substituting vegetables with potatoes, less cheese and, presumably, smaller portions.

When eating at restaurants, what do you order to keep from blowing your diet?

Cheesecake Factory ‘SkinnyLicious’ menu cuts calories [USA Today via Huffington Post]
(Thanks, Elizabeth!)

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