Time Warner Calls Back With Sweet Deal After Man Cancels

Another reader has written in to say that after they canceled their Time Warner service, the cable company turned around and offered them much better rates if they would stay. In both this one and the one earlier this week, Time Warner Cable said that because of “special circumstances,” they were able to offer a sweet retention deal. In this case, $67/month for two years, down from $150.

In the earlier story, one wondered if the fact that the reader was canceling because her husband was being deployed overseas and she wouldn’t need/couldn’t afford cable service anymore. In telling her her account was flagged “for special circumstances,” was Time Warner extending a deep discount in a moving patriotic gesture? Perhaps, but reader Tim writes to say he also got a nice retention deal “for special circumstances.” They told him his “special circumstance” was that he had been a customer for one year and paid his bill on time.

Tim writes:

I read your article on the reader from Fort Wayne, NY that recently had a pretty good experience with Time Warner cutting her cable bill way down. I was on the edge of dropping my cable service in favor of OTA [over the air] channels and the internet. After reading that article I decided to “cut the cord” so to speak and figured if they offered me that sweet deal then I would take advantage and if not then no problem.

Recently I hit the one year mark and lost my promotions and my bill went from ~90/month to ~150/month so I called to cancel and the rep immediately offered to lower it to ~115/month. I thanked him for the offer and decline. He went ahead and processed the change and told me to bring in my equipment within three business days.

Fast forward to the next day…I receive a call on my cell phone from and it was Time Warner retentions. He asked me why I cancelled and then offered me a deal for cable and internet with two boxes (one DVR) for $67.17 after taxes per month and would lock it in for 2 years. I gladly accepted and thanked him. He told me to thank my local office since he worked with special circumstances and they forwarded my account to him. I asked what the special circumstances were and he stated that since I was a loyal customer and always paid my bill on time they could offer me this deal.

Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Thought I would share since you covered a similar story recently.

Have a great week!


Maybe Time Warner is on a retention kick. If you have other options available for your cable and internet that you’re willing to completely dump Time Warner for, they might just turn around and offer to cut your bill by over 50%.

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