Why Allergy, Asthma Sufferers Should Beware Of The Gym

There are triggers at workout facilities that aggravate those with breathing issues, and we’re not talking about sights of hardbodies rocking spandex. Those with allergies and asthmatics whose problems act up while working out may be able to point to the gym itself as the culprit.

MSN outlines the potential allergy or asthma triggers, which include:

*Cleaning products. Disinfectant sprays and wipes used on equipment can contain volatile organic compounds or chemicals.

*Pools. Heavily chlorinated water can irritate the eyes, as well as make it tough for some allergy sufferers to breathe.

*Workout mats. Some mats may be made out of latex, which is obviously bad news for those who are allergic to the material.

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, what exercise routines or places do you avoid?

5 Hidden Allergy and Asthma Triggers at the Gym [MSN]

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