Extreme Couponer Arrested For Stealing 185 Newspapers

A woman who “just loves to save money” is in legal trouble after surveillance cameras caught her stealing bags of unsold newspapers from newspaper boxes. Her goal was to snatch up as many coupon inserts as possible.

“Her defense was that she didn’t know it was a crime,” Lt. Kevin Lewis of the Springdale Police Department told CNN.

When police got in touch with her, they found she had taken, 185 newspapers, worth $231. The woman was charged with misdemeanor theft of property.

There’s a right way to be a “hardcore couponer” and a wrong way. Learning the rules and making smart choices to get products you actually need for cheaper is the right way. Stealing other people’s property so you can shave a few cents off your shopping cart full of toothbrushes is the wrong way. Sites like afullcup.com and Fatwallet.com can get you started on the right path.

Coupon junkie arrested for stealing newspapers [KSDK] (Thanks to Mike!)

Extreme Couponer Arrested For Stealing Coupon Inserts

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