Woman Claims Sushi Restaurant Added Semen To Spicy Sauce

What is it about bodily fluids going into professionally prepared food these days? Ugh! A woman in New York is suing a sushi restaurant, claiming there was semen in the spicy sauce that came with her delivery of tuna rolls.

EaterNY stumbled upon the story when the restaurant filed a motion to dismiss a court case. According to her lawsuit:

…somewhere around midnight, she received a take-out order of tuna rolls, with spicy sauce on the side, and that the spicy sauce was tainted with human bodily fluid, which she believes was semen. She states that she noticed something amiss upon first tasting the sushi, after having dipped a piece of the tuna roll into the sauce, and that she spit part of the roll out but swallowed about half of the bite.

Worst of all, she now claims she can’t eat sushi anymore “which had been her favorite food.” Bummer!

The sushi restaurant wants the case thrown out because the woman is relying on lab results she had done on the sushi, two of which were inconclusive and one indicating the possible presence of bodily fluids. However, since she kept her rolls at the lab too long, they threw them out. She says she’s got more in her freezer though, so, whew!

Because of the destruction of evidence, the eatery wants the case to go away. But the judge refused to throw it out, recommending that the remaining sauce be tested.

Read the entire brief, if that’s your kind of thing, atEaterNY .

Boy, if I had a slice of pizza for every grody bodily fluid food story in the news… There would be a lot of pizza.

Woman Accuses Planet Sushi of Adding Semen to Spicy Sauce [EaterNY]

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