Facebook Wants You To Order Food Through Restaurants’ Pages

If you want to accomplish everything online without leaving Facebook, perhaps that will be possible soon. Today, the social networking site announced a new feature: users will be able to order food from a restaurant directly from that restaurant’s Facebook page.

The new supper-summoning superpower was just part of a suite of features announced today meant to help people interact with local businesses without having to pick up a phone or (more importantly) without having to click over to another web page, keeping the user inside Facebook for longer.

Ordering food is the most interesting of the new features, but other tasks now available include buying tickets to movies from Ticketmaster or Eventbrite, or tickets to movies directly through Fandango. Customers can also book appointments directly where that service is available, and can ask businesses for a price quote.

All of this depends on the business type and whether it chooses to take part in the direct activities through Facebook. If you don’t know which business to patronize, another new feature can help with that: instead of just asking what your local friends’ favorite dentist or car mechanic is, a feature called Recommendations will let you collect your friends’ local recommendations on one tab and save them for later.

Getting Things Done With the Help of Your Friends [Facebook]
(via Reuters)

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