Which Cities Spend The Most On Gas Each Month?

It’s always easier to just look at neat infographics to get information, and such is this case with a spiffy new pic of just that sort showing where consumers spend the most per month on gas.

The infographic from Mint.com culled info from its users to see where people were feeding their vehicles with hard-earned money, with San Jose coming in at the top, with a monthly average of $216 per user. That’s more twice as high as dead last #50 New York at $102 and an average of 2 transaction, which could reflect the lower amount of car commuters.

Phoenix came in fourth at $202 on average, but did nab the honor of the most transactions per month with eight being the average.

Other guzzling cities include Birmingham, Ala.; Jacksonville, Fla. and Charlotte, N.C. “Teetotaling” cities like Denver, Boston and Washington D.C. shared the low rungs with Brooklyn and New York City.

The infographic has other interesting stats to offer, include cities with the least amount spent per transaction and a national average of $177 per month.

Mint Data Shows Where the Gas Money Goes [Mint.com]

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