Dealing With The Trials Of Apartment Hunting

Although the depressed housing market has made things easy for home buyers, it seems to have had an adverse effect on renters, who face more competition with perhaps fewer openings than ever. Thanks to former homeowners who suffered short sales or foreclosures and are forced into the rental market, there are more renters playing musical chairs.

MoneyMaus, a personal finance blogger who recently moved to New York, catalogs her struggles to find a decent place to live. She often settles for short-term sublets, only to be forced into another move weeks later.

Constant moving requires juggling of security deposits and storage facilities, dealing with a whirlwind of roommates and constantly keeping your ear to the ground about a promising new place to look at.

If you are happy with your rental, how did you find it, and what were the most difficult challenges you encountered on the way?

Frustrated [MoneyMaus]

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