Chase Hugs It Out With Man It Had Thrown In Jail For Cashing Non-Fake Check

Many of you read last week’s story about the man in Washington state who spent the weekend in jail because a Chase employee was convinced that the completely legitimate cashier’s check he was trying to cash was a forgery. Well, it appears that the two sides have put aside their differences and worked out an agreement.

“I am grateful to Chase for resolving this,” said the 28-year-old construction worker who was not only jailed, but lost his job and had his car towed and sold. “They made an honest mistake with the check, and when the right people got involved, they acted quickly to make amends.”

A rep for Chase tells Consumerist, “We deeply regret what happened to Mr. Njoku and have apologized to him. Chase has already changed its procedures in branches to avoid situations like this.”

What’s not mentioned in either of these statements is the terms of their accord. The bank rep confirms that an arrangement was agreed upon beyond just a handshake and an apology, but could not comment further.

Just for fun, here’s the original KING5 news report that made this national news:

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