The Consumerist Tipster App: Open 7 Days A Week… And Sunday

Thousands of readers have already downloaded our free Consumerist Tipster App. Here are just a handful of the photos they’ve sent in. Remember that you can always see even more Tipster photos on our Facebook page.


Jen: “Look carefully at the center book in the ‘teaching zone.'”


Larry stumbled upon this junkyard in Williamstown, NJ, that manages to stay open 8 days a week.


Eric: “You deserve a choice (as long as your choice is spring water.)”


Nick found these shirts at Target, where the difference between a “tee” and a “Tee” is apparently $3.


Megan: “Nature, schmature. Forced into the great outdoors? Costco has you covered.”


Caitlin: “Seriously UPS? What did my package do that was so offensive? You can see the contents through the giant hole!”