Leap Day Coupons Less Useless Than They Appear

Image courtesy of Larry Smith

Last week, we tried to figure out a promotion from that had an extremely lengthy list of hotels specifically excluded from a coupon. We’re glad to note that not only was that promo not as bad as we thought, but a new coupon from the hotel aggregator clarifies things a bit for the easily confused. Like us.

To give you an idea, we hit “print” out of curiosity on that exclusions page for the Leap Day promotion, and the total came to 39 pages. Things weren’t as bad as they seemed, though: a representative got back to us and pointed out that while the exclusion list is long, we and the tipster underestimated how many hotels there are on the site in total.

“We have more than 130,000 top rated independent and boutique hotels in popular destinations that are included in this coupon,” a representative of the site explained. Here’s how you would spot them when idly browsing the site:


That was good to know, and makes the Leap Day promotion much more appealing.

Bill, the original Leap Day tipster, noticed a different and much clearer coupon and sent it over.


“At least they’re being a little more honest this time,” he says. A lot more honest, we think: just don’t have your heart set on staying in a chain hotel.

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