Contractor Tears Siding Off Wrong House

An Iowa homeowner was surprised when he looked at his house and half the siding on it was gone, leaving an exposed underbelly of bare white plastic. No other nearby houses were affected. Had a highly localized tornado swept through and targeted just the side of his house? Nope. A local contractor got the address wrong and taken the siding off the wrong abode. The timing was pretty poor, too, as the homeowner had just put it up for sale. And because of insurance bureaucracy, it may be a while before the siding goes back up.

“We just found out they got the wrong house,” the contractor, Rausch Companies, told KCRG. The goof also put the damper on some kids’ hopes that day. “We were supposed to have a birthday party, but there were nails all over, electrical exposed, so obviously we couldn’t take the kids outside,” the man renting the house said.

The landlord has had to pay himself to get the outside walls patched up to prevent against water damage. Rausch said that the matter was being handled by insurance. “It seems that they are in the process of coming up with an offer or something that I am not aware of,” the landlord told TV9. Rausch’s insurance company said they would get to it as soon as they could, but many of their adjusters were occupied assessing recent storm damage in the county.

Meanwhile, the house sits waiting, an eyesore on the market.

Contractor Rips Siding Off Wrong Marion Home [KCRG] (Thanks To Jeff!)

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