Best Buy Replaces Deaf Bed-Bound Girl's Laptop After Holding It Hostage

After the story of a deaf and bed-bound girl whose laptop had been bouncing back and forth between Best Buy Geek Squad repair for 3 months went up on Consumerist, the ambassador for Geek Squad City, Randy Ratliff, reached out to help. “The buck stops here!” he said in his email. And of all the many who say that, he’s one of the few to mean it. He investigated the issue and now Jenni’s sister has a new laptop.

Jenni writes in a followup to her complaint we posted:

Hi Ben,

I wanted to say Thank You for your support via the Consumerist. Randy Ratliff was able to help my mom and sister. After investigating the situation, he was pretty confused too at what was going on and why it was still going back and forth from their repair center in Kentucky and back to the store where my mom left it. He decided to replace my sister’s computer with a new one, and, after some scuffling at the store, we were able to find a very nice manager who helped carry out that decision.

Thanks again! The Consumerist certainly got their attention when nothing else worked!

Power to the peeps who make a peep instead of just a meep. Change happens when we starting holding ourselves and others accountable.

Best Buy Holding Deaf Bed-Bound Girl’s Laptop Hostage Since May

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