Chase Wants To Alert You To Important New Policy Change… Four Days After It Goes Into Effect

Consumerist reader JP is a Chase customer who uses his debit card to pay for gas. Thankfully, the folks at Chase sent him this e-mail today explaining an important change to how the bank processes “pay at the pump” charges. Of course, it wasn’t important enough for Chase to actually send the e-mail before — or even a couple days after — the policy kicked in.

The e-mail, which explains how customers who pay at the pump with their Chase card will begin seeing $1 placeholder charges — regardless of the amount paid at the pump — on their account balance after July 17. Of course, as you can see below, the bank didn’t get around to sending this until July 21.

“What kind of customer service is that?” asks JP. “I haven’t been burned too bad yet by Chase… but something tells me its only gonna get worse.”


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