Audio: Fan Begs Comcast "Executive Customer Relations" For Fox Soccer HD

The clock is running out. English Premier League soccer kicks off on August 12th. Many satellite and cable providers have added the Fox Soccer Channel in HD, but Comcast still has not in the Bay Area. Soccer fans who want to see the beautiful game in HD are looking to switch providers if Comcast doesn’t add FSCHD pronto. This is an audio recording one of the fans made to Comcast “executive customer relations.” My favorite part is how at first the rep says one of the holdups is bandwidth issues and then after the fan proves that wrong and says “The bandwidth argument doesn’t hold up either,” the rep agrees and says, “I know, I know.”

In the video, first posted over at EPL Talk, the guy basically says that he and a whole bunch of soccer fans in the Bay Area where he lives are getting ready to switch providers if Comcast doesn’t add FSCHD. The rep says, “You gotta do what you gotta do,” and promises to pass on his feedback to the marketing team.

Clearly it’s a contract negotiating issue. If you do decide to cancel Comcast over this, make sure to tell them why when you cancel. If they see enough attrition over it, that will encourage them to add the channel.

Soccer Fan Stands Up Against Comcast In Quest to Get Fox Soccer Channel in HD [EPLTALK] (Thanks to RichPeoples!)

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