Google Warning Infected Users About Malware

Google has started putting a yellow box with a warning at the top of search results pages for users who may have been infected with a certain kind of malware.

The warning says “Your computer appears to be infected. It appears that your computer is infected with software that intercepts your connection to Google and other sites. Learn how to fix this.”

Google says on their official blog that the malware is a particular strain that redirects an infected Windows computer’s search results through proxies to generate revenue for pay-for-click schemes.

Following the link leads to basic instructions on running your antivirus software to remove the infection. One of their recommendations is to “search Google for “antivirus.”” They also have a drop-down instruction to show you how to remove the infection by editing your computer’s “hosts” file.

The warning is the first time Google has used its search results page to display a malware warning to its users.

Just hope that scammers don’t start spoofing the look and feel of the Google notifications to trick people to click on more malware.

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