L.A. Law: If Your Dog Chases Someone, It Can Be Seized, Killed

Los Angeles County residents will want to keep a tighter leash on their dogs due to a new law passed by the Board of Supervisors that loosens the definition of how officials determine dogs to be “vicious.” A dog that chases someone without causing an injury can now be reported, seized and possibly euthanized.

CBS Los Angeles reports the new law says if animal control personnel determine the dog to be a “significant threat to the public health, safety and welfare,” they can seize and euthanize the dog. The law also introduces a streamlined administrative hearing process that keeps dog safety cases out of Superior Court.

What do you think a dog needs to do to merit seizure and euthanasia?

What Makes Spot ‘Vicious?’ LA County To Seize Dogs For Chasing People [CBS Los Angeles]

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