Sales Of "To Kill A Mockingbird" Jump 123% On Amazon Because Of Beckham Baby

You know that annoyed feeling you get when a book you’ve always treasured suddenly becomes appealing to the masses in a trendy, fad-ish way? David and Victoria Beckham, aka Hot Soccer Guy and Posh Spice, no doubt set off waves of that irked emotion by naming their daughter Harper, spiking sales of To Kill A Mockingbird on Amazon in Britain.

The jump for Harper Lee’s (same name! See?) book happened on, reports The Daily Mail, because the English really really like soccer (they call it footie, or so I hear) and because hey, maybe they never got around to reading much American literature in ye old England and so now they figure it’s time to read it.

This all wouldn’t have happened if silly handsome Becks hadn’t told everyone on Facebook that Harper Lee is his wife’s favorite author. That means that Posh has read a book, right?

At least it won’t be sold out at Borders!

Harper Seven meaning: To Kill A Mockingbird sales rise as Beckhams name baby after author [The Daily Mail]

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