7 Ways To Keep Your House Extra Hot This Summer

If there’s anything that makes a summer heatwave even better, it’s finding ways to capture that stifling heat and keep it in your home for as long as possible. Our toasty friends at Freeshipping.org compiled this useful list of ways to defeat your air conditioner and make sure your house stays as hot as possible all summer long. If you run an air conditioner, imagine all the money you can waste!

Here’s their list:

1. Breezy Windows and Doors

2. Poor Wall Insulation

3. Old Putty around windows and doors

4. Outdated [Air Conditioning] Unit

5. Static Thermostat

6. Dysfunctional or Poorly Planned Duct Work

7. Inadequate Roof Insulation

As a bonus, many of these tips double as ways to keep your home as cold as possible during the winter. Watch the money fly out of your pockets year-round!

7 Things that will Keep your House Hot in the Summer [Freeshipping.org]

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