Stop Netflix Disc Rentals, Lose Your Queue

With an unpopular change in its pricing and services, Netflix is splitting up its streaming and disc subscription offerings, forcing customers to choose a streaming-only or one-at-a-time disc-only plans at $7.99 a month each, or both at no bundled discount. But another choice Netflix is forcing subscribers to make is whether or not they value their queues.

A Reuters blog reports that doing away with streaming eliminates your old disc queue. When you’re on a streaming-only plan and look up a non-streamable movie, you’re asked to either sign up for a disc subscription plan or stream other suggestions. You can’t add the movie to a queue.

Indiewire chimes in that, while Netflix records your search in a database, it doesn’t currently offer a mechanism that notifies you if the movie becomes available to stream.

If you’ve moved to streaming-only, do you miss your old queue? And what do you do to keep track of movies you want to see?

The new dynamics of Netflix [Reuters via Indiewire]

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