Pier 1 Kicks Off Christmas Creep Season

It may not be a full-fledged instance because it’s not in a physical store, but a recent email promo by Pier 1 is at very least a warning shot that Christmas Creep season is upon us. They recently sent around an email featuring a large snowman. It said, “You can now scratch “get an early start on Christmas” off your to-do list. Preview holiday fun before it even gets to our stores.”

Christmas Creep is the phenomenon where every year stores start stocking Christmas supplies and presents and advertise for the holiday shopping season earlier and earlier each year. With much of the country in a deep broil right now, this Pier 1 email is definitely very creepy. It gives me the shivers. Which is great for beating the heat! So, thanks, Pier 1!

Pier 1 Email (Thanks to James!)

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