Panasonic Marketing Guy: Lack Of Good 3D Movies Makes 3D TVs Sell Poorly

A Panasonic marketing executive says it’s Hollywood’s fault you don’t want to buy a 3D TV. If there were more Avatars and fewer Clash of the Titanses, he insinuates, you’d feel compelled to spring for the expensive products and their obnoxious accompanying glasses.

Wired reports the executive made the comment at the Intellect Consumer Electronics 2011 show:

“Hollywood damaged 3-D by rushing so many badly converted films out in Avatar’s wake. What we need now is the next level, the next Avatar. And that’s a big ask, I think.”

3D TV sales are minimal — 1.1 million last year, with projected sales of close to 2 million this year — and the product seems to have lost much of the momentum it had when 3D films were more of a novelty.

Do you think 3D TV’s main problem is its lack of content?

Poor 3-D TV Sales? Panasonic Blames Hollywood [Wired]

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