How To Beat Theme Park Prices And Still Get In Some Rides

Theme parks and resorts know how badly you want to be having fun, and send admission prices sky-high in the summer because they know they can. But you can still have a blast this summer, without resorting to fishing deep into your pockets.

SmartMoney reports that the three most popular parks, Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando all raised the prices of some of their passes, in recent weeks. And once you’re there, the more likely you are to plunk down cash for food and merchandise.

Instead of re-mortgaging your home, SmartMoney says they can help, outlining a few ways families can head out to the fun parks in the peak season.

So maybe you never looked at Wally World as an option before, but regional theme parks are cheaper than the big names, while still boasting some exciting attractions. The national average is $49.75, about 40% less than a day pass to Disneyland, according to a survey of 72 parks by The International Association of Amusement Parks.

Some places offers special deals depending on the day of the week, so consider a mid-week trip instead of a weekend. You can also look for a discount by checking out tickets online or seeking deals on social media sites or the parks’ own websites.

Packing a lunch and driving to a motel farther from the resort are also good ways to save cash, as well as checking out dining specials at the parks.

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