Quick, Easy Ways To Maintain Your Vehicle

Sure, it’s easier just to pretend your car doesn’t need any tender lovin’ care, but neglecting your vehicle’s needs can only work to your detriment. Many spot checks and maintenance routines are quick, easy and less intimidating the more you do them.

Bargaineering suggests some simple car care tips, including:

*Top off your fluids. Just open the hood, make sure you know which fluid goes where and keep everything filled to its suggested level. Brake, power steering and wiper fluids are not things you’ll want to go without.

*Check your tires. An eyeball check will tell you whether or not you’ve got any flats, but you’ll need to use an air compressor to make sure your tires are inflated to the proper levels. Optimum inflation gets you better gas mileage and makes for safer driving.

*Make sure your lights work. A broken brake light is an open invitation for a time-consuming, possibly money-sucking pullover and ticket.

What’s your car maintenance routine?

Finances In 55 Seconds: Quick Car Maintenance [Bargaineering]

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