777-Pound Burger Is World's Largest

Just a few days ago, some scrappy Canadians held the Guinness World Record for largest hamburger, but now an American concoction has flattened the previous record holder like so much Canadian bacon. Weighing in at 777 pounds, overwhelming the previous titlist’s 590 pounds, Juicy’s Outlaw Burger set the new record Saturday at the Alameda County Fair in California. It took six people to lug the bun on top to complete the monstrosity.

Today reports revelers at the fair got to pick the burger apart for 99 cents a serving. The burger used 600 pounds of beef, 30 pounds of lettuce, 20 pounds of onions and 12 pounds of pickles.

What’s the largest food specimen you’ve ever seen?

Now that’s a whopper! World’s largest burger weighs 777 lbs. [Today via Delish]

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