Five Things To Buy In July

Here’s five things to pick up in July because they’re cheaper right now: butter, paint, suits, furniture, and big appliances. Here’s why:

Learnvest says to pick up these items in June and July.

There’s a boost in butter production in June and July. Guess it moves in conjunction with corn on the cob consumption. You can stock up on butter and then freeze it. It’ll be good for up to half a year.

Who the hell wants to pain outside in this heat? Nobody, which is why it’s so cheap right now. Luckily most big box hardware stores are air conditioned, so drive up and grab your cans.

Retailers are clearing out their inventory for the fall, keep an eye out for sales and discounts.

Same as above, except that you sit on the results instead of wear them.

Demand usually spikes before a big holiday weekend, similar to big screen TVs and the Super Bowl, and then drops off. The best time to buy is usually right after one of these weekends, like the recent 4th of July!

Your July Financial To-Dos [Learnvest]

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