MoviePass Delays Pilot Program After Theater Chains Decline To Participate

If you’re a heavy moviegoer who dreamed of taking part in the MoviePass $50 monthly all-you-can-watch service, keep dreaming. After AMC and Landmark Theatres decided not to participate, the service’s planned beta test this weekend has been put on hold.

Wired reports the chains say MoviePass included the in its plans without their permission. MoviePass’s plan was to use a test program this weekend in the San Francisco area to get theater chains on board, then expand it to more markets once it had built up some clout.

A MoviePass co-founder managed to find a silver lining among the dark clouds:

We’re enthusiastic that once we can walk them through the service they’ll be excited, we just haven’t had that opportunity yet. The silver lining of all of this is that this has created the ability to have that dialog now.”

After Theaters Balk at MoviePass, Beta Is Put On Hold [Wired]

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