Comcast Keeps Calling About My Appointment, Except I'm Not A Comcast Customer

Even though Comcast recently announced it would be be shortening the time windows given to customers for installation and repair appointments, many of you expressed the sentiment that this won’t do anything to improve service if the rest of Kabletown remains broken. You may be right.

Here’s Joe’s story:

Every day this week I have been getting calls from Comcast. They say “This is a reminder about your pending appointment!”, “How was your appointment?”, “Will you take a survey about our technician?”, “Sorry we missed your appointment.”, “We scheduled you a new appointment!”

One was even from a tech saying he was outside my house and no one was answering.

Problem is, I don’t have Comcast. I finally broke down and called them back and said: “I don’t have an account with you but my number is (redacted) please stop calling me, it’s becoming a nuisance.”

The agent I spoke to says “Oh sorry, it must have been a typo… but I can’t change it because you’re not authorized to make any changes to this account! Sorry!”

What? Have you ever heard of such nonsense? Do I have any recourse if they won’t stop calling me? I don’t like being bothered with multiple calls a day to my personal cell phone. Is this harassment?

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