Indie Bookstores Starting To Charge Admission To Author Events

Literature lovers who are used to hitting up book readings and signings as free entertainment may be in for a wallet shock. Some independent bookstores, which are trying to scrounge up revenue in the tough economy, have taken to charging for the events.

The New York Times found a store in Colorado that charges $5 admission to signings, and one in California that mandates customers either buy $10 gift cards that admit two people or buy the book being promoted at the event.

A reporter speaks to store managers who are sick of being used as a display case for online sellers. One says she’s annoyed at customers browsing, punching titles into their iPhones, then heading home.

How do you use bookstores these days? And which authors would draw you to pay to attend a signing?

Come Meet the Author, but Open Your Wallet [The New York Times]

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