Dell Warranty Provider Buys Customer New TV On Amazon

Two weeks ago, we shared the story of Tom, who bought a Vizio TV from Dell that he bought an extended warranty for, but couldn’t track down the warranty company when the television actually failed. He finally got in touch with the nice people at Service Net Solutions, and they did amazed him by doing exactly what they were supposed to: replace his busted TV with a nicer one. Curiously, they did this by ordering one up for him from

He writes:

The extended warranty company Service Net decided to purchase me a newer model Vizio TV from Amazon and shipped it to my home. Suzanne Nelson at Service Net worked very hard to get this done for me and am satisfied with the final outcome.

As a side note, Service Net was aware of the consumerist story and mentioned it in their last email to me. So I have to thank you for helping me get my story told.

The TV has been setup and works great.

Glad that we could help!

Vizio TV Replaced [YouTube]

Dell MIght As Well Have Not Sold Me An Extended Warranty For This TV

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