Bags Of Nastiness Keep Showing Up Outside Philly Bed Bath & Beyond

On two occasions over the span of eight days, someone has left large white bags filled with 30 pounds of vomit in the parking lot of a Bed Bath & Beyond in a Philadelphia suburb. Employees called police and had them removed by a business that handles biohazard waste collection.

CBS Philly spoke to a police sergeant who theorizes that the perpetrator might have been paid to remove its waste but pocketed the money and dumped it off at the store instead.

The sergeant said the vomit-dumper may be committing a number of crimes:

It could be considered harassing because it occurred more than once, and also recklessly endangering another person may fit.”

If you’ve worked at a big box store, what’s the most disgusting thing that’s been dumped at your workplace?

Radnor Store Finds Repulsive Waste In Its Parking Lot — Twice [CBS Philly]
(Thanks, Stephen!)

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