Rutgers Becomes Latest School To Sell Football Stadium Naming Rights

In contrast to the ubiquity of corporate-named stadiums in the NFL, the vast majority of college football stadiums have stuck with their traditional names. The dominoes may be starting to fall, though, after Rutgers sold the Rutgers Stadium naming rights to High Point Solutions for a reported $6.5 million over 10 years. quotes the Rutgers athletic director, noting he doesn’t mention High Point Solutions by name:

“I am satisfied and excited. The climate is difficult for everybody. … We feel really, really good about it, not only given the climate but also because we were being picky about a partner. We were trying to find someone who has the same core values and a New Jersey-based company. And in the end, we’re thrilled with the results.”

According to ESPN, Rutgers will be only the 15th school to play home games in a corporately-named stadium, and five of those play in NFL arenas.

Do you think college football will go the NFL soul-selling route, or will tradition continue to hold off greed?

Rutgers reaches stadium naming rights deal [ via ESPN, Newsvine]

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