Behold, The $100,000 Iridium Razor

What do you get for the man who has everything? How about the Zaffiro, a $100,000 razor made out of iridium?

A razor like this has a lot of explaining to do to justify its pricetag. So here it goes:

* Only 99 will be made
* Iridium is one of the rarest earth metals, with only three tons of it getting made each year
* Solid white sapphire blades that the company says are “Hypoallergenic, impervious to oxidation and corrosion, and an order of magnitude more durable than any other shaving blade”
* Those blades are also supposedly atomically sharp, getting sharpened by “high-energy, ionized particles” to make blades less than 100 atoms across.
* The blades are guaranteed for 10 years during which time the company will service and sharpen them for free. No matter running off to the store for $40 replacement cartridges!
* The iridium in the handle has up until this point been mainly used in rockets
* The screws are made of 99.5% platinum
* It took a team of scientists using experience from “rocket engine manufacturing, nanotechnology, and particle physics” three years to design this beast

I’m not sold. At that price, it better be able to kill vampires and werewolves, automatically.

Introducing Zafirro Iridium [Zafirro] (Thanks to Derek!)

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