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Dig into those seat cushions, everyone.

Let’s All Pretend To Be Surprised That The LeSean McCoy $0.20 Tip Receipt Is For Sale

It is my sincerest hope that the waiter who received a $0.20 tip on a $61 restaurant tab paid for by NFL running back LeSean McCoy is going to reap at least some financial gain from the sale of the now infamous receipt, which is for sale on eBay at a high bid of about $99,000 as of this writing. Leaving us completely unsurprised, of course, because when a piece of paper makes the news like this, someone’s probably willing to shell out the big bucks to own a moment in tipping history. [More]


Being In New Verizon Wireless Rewards Program Means Giving It Your Phone’s Location, Web Browsing Info

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, so it comes as no surprise that companies want a little something in return when they reward customers for staying loyal. Thus, the tradeoff at the center of Verizon Wireless’ new Verizon Smart Rewards system: Customers opt in to the company’s location-tracking/marketing program, Verizon Selects, and then earn points toward discounts on “brand-name” merchandise and deals at local restaurants, stores and offers on travel. [More]

Rutgers Becomes Latest School To Sell Football Stadium Naming Rights

Rutgers Becomes Latest School To Sell Football Stadium Naming Rights

In contrast to the ubiquity of corporate-named stadiums in the NFL, the vast majority of college football stadiums have stuck with their traditional names. The dominoes may be starting to fall, though, after Rutgers sold the Rutgers Stadium naming rights to High Point Solutions for a reported $6.5 million over 10 years. [More]