U.S. Bank Tests EMV Chip Cards For International Travelers

Good news for Americans who like to go to other countries in the world. U.S. Bank is going to roll out EMV chip cards to 20,000 FlexPerks Visa cardholders this month, adding steam to a small but growing push to get traveling Americans credit cards that can work in the “chip and PIN” systems prevalent in Europe and beyond.

The cards would actually contain technology for three different payment systems: An EMV chip, an RFID chip and the standard magnetic strip.

Earlier this year Wells Fargo became the first major US bank to issue EMV cards.

U.S. Bank said they would issue the cards to other travel reward cardholders later this year.

This should make it easier for travelers to park their car in Europe as they can use their credit card to pay the parking meter, which cannot be reasoned with and does not accept traveler’s checks.

U.S. Bank First in United States to Issue Dual EMV Chip and Contactless Payment Solution for International Travelers [Seeking Alpha]

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