GE: Missing Socks Are Running Away From Us

If you’ve lost a sock, or two, or three in the laundry, GE wants to help. Actually, GE wants to help your socks, which, according to the manufacturer, are running away from insensitive consumers who don’t treat them right. Actually, the whole thing is a marketing campaign designed to promote GE’s washers and dryers. Where is Jack Donaghy when we need him?

According to GE’s “Laundered and Orphaned Sock Society” web site:

[T]he stark truth that we’ve uncovered through years of intensive research is that our socks are simply running away. Yes, shocking but true. Thousands of candid interviews with estranged footwear have pinpointed the prevailing problem: It is us and, more specifically, our laundry equipment. Through L.O.S.S., socks who have felt unappreciated and mistreated finally have a voice to make us aware of their grievances: overdrying, “load abandonment,” ironing, and sock puppetry, to name just a few.

Not surprisingly, the solution, according to GE, includes buying new appliances: “Replace antiquated–and sometimes downright medieval–laundry equipment with kinder, more progressive technology like GE’s ‘Laundry Your Way’ washers and dryers.”

Or you can just do what a Consumer Reports appliance editor recommends: “Let’s just say that rolling your argyles together before throwing them in the hamper may be a safer bet.”

About L.O.S.S. – Sock Loss – Washing Machine [GE via Consumer Reports]

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