Madoff's Underwear Contributes To More Than $400K Raised At Auction

Personal items that belonged to convicted fraudster Bernie Madoff were auctioned off to high bidders over the weekend. His underwear, art and an honorary diploma helped raise more than $400,000 intended to go toward repaying his swindled investors.

The Miami Herald reports the U.S. Marshals Service conducted the auction with items that were confiscated from Madoff’s Palm Beach, Fla. mansion. The auctioneer said this auction did not draw millions in the manner of a similar event composed of items from his New York home, because that one included vehicles and jewelry, whereas the Florida auction focused on personal trinkets, including eyeglasses. Fourteen pairs of Madoff’s underwear went for $200.

What auction win are you most proud of?

To the bidders go Bernie Madoff’s spoils [Miami Herald]

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