Delta To Bring Outsourced Calls Back To U.S. But Not Add Any New Jobs

Delta Airlines recently announced that it had decided to move some of its outsourced call center operations out of South Africa and back to the U.S. But before anyone goes looking for a gig at Delta’s phone operations base in Dallas, the airline says it should be just fine with the staff it already has on hand.

The transition of promotions and sales calls back to U.S.-based operations will happen during July and August, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The airline will continue to use outsourced call centers in Jamaica, but says they plan to eventually bring all North American calls back in house.

While Delta’s operation in South Africa accounted for around 200 jobs, the airline says that its existing U.S.-based call center staff will be sufficient for handling the additional calls after the transition is completed.

Which either means that the U.S. call centers currently have plenty of free time during their workday, or — more likely — that Delta customers can expect longer waits and frustrated, overworked CSRs on the other end of the line. But at least they will get to hang up on Americans this time.

Delta bringing South Africa call center work back in house []

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