Extreme Savers Stealing Coupons From Newspapers

For some people, coupons are those annoying things in newspapers you toss out on your way to the funny pages. For others, they’re like crack. There’s been a big uptick in Boise of people stealing the coupons from newspapers they haven’t paid for. People buy just pay for one paper from the newspaper box, then reach in and grab the coupons from the rest. The local newspaper has even gotten complaints about coupons being taken from newspapers in front of houses.

These means that people are actually going around skulking from house to house in the early hours of the morning, just to snatch coupons. Clearly these folks have never run a cost-benefit analysis on their couponing mania.

Instead of doing scummy crap like this, consider starting or joining a coupon club.

Newspapers: Coupon inserts disappearing from racks [IdahoStatesman] (Thanks to David!)

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