Artist Gets $100,000, Uses It To Paste 100,000 $1s On The Wall

What would you do if you were awarded $100,000? Quit your job? Pay off the mortgage? Produce that disco-rollerskate version of Tristan and Isolde you’ve always been talking about? If you’re German artist Hans-Peter Feldmann, you use it to put up 100,000 $1 bills on the walls of the Guggenheim.

The prize came along with an exhibition at the Guggenheim.

“I’m 70 years old, and I began making art in the ’50s,” the artist told NYT. “At that time there was no money in the art world. Money and art didn’t exist. So for me $100,000 is very special. It’s incredible really. And I would like to show the quantity of it.”

Here is a cool picture of what it looks like.

And lest you think he’s wasting it, the artist plans on gathering up all the $1’s after the show and depositing it back into his bank account.

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