Why I Will Never Ship With UPS Again

Reader Tyler shares the list of reasons he will never use UPS again on purpose. A shot-putted package, $1,000 of computer parts left outside the wrong house with no signature, customer service shenanigans and finally, a smooshed box. That’s it! He’s had it! Brown is no longer welcome in Tyler Town.

Tyler writes:

The first time I shipped with them, the driver approached my porch and threw the package at the door (almost 15 feet). Contents turned out fine and I was received a refund from UPS, but the incident really put me off of UPS (plus DHL was cheaper).

The second time I used UPS, the driver left almost $1,000 of computer parts four houses down with no signature (thumbs up for honest neighbors). This was two years ago.. I didn’t use UPS again until the end of last year. Ordered a new video card, took the day off to accept the package, but it never came. I eventually called the warehouse from where it came and they said the driver rang the door bell and got no answer (I was in the front room of the house most of the day. Not one person came to the door besides the mail carrier). The woman I spoke with (Debbie) told me I could come pick it up once the driver returned from his route.

I arrived about 10 minutes before the customer service desk opened and was the only person in line. My package was not in the pick up pile and the gentlemen behind the counter couldn’t find it (something about the driver writing down the wrong truck number). He also searched their computer and told me that there was nothing mentioned that my package was even supposed to be set aside for pick up. Since the driver had gone home, there was “nothing they could do until morning.” I called an 800 number in the parking lot and explained what had happened (no show driver, now missing package). I was told to expect a call within an hour. The call never came, so I called back, and was informed that my package had been found. The person I spoke with indicated that they found it *before* the customer service desk closed, yet didn’t call back (I explicitly stated that I would be in the area for a while in case the package was found). Since the service desk was now closed, I had to wait until morning (or take another day off from work to make sure the package actually showed up) to pick it up.

I eventually picked it up as soon as the desk opened and wrote an email to UPS support. They asked for clarification, which I gave, and never received a response to.

Unfortunately, someone shipped a birthday gift to me through UPS last month. The picture of the unopened box is attached. Luckily, the contents were safe. I swear this is the last time I willingly ship with UPS.

What has Brown not done for you lately? Sound off in the comments.

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