New Restaurant Somehow Combines Grilled Cheese Sandwiches And Smartphones

When I want a grilled cheese sandwich but don’t have the ingredients on hand, I have to use current, arduous methods of sandwich procurement. I have to call the shop ten minutes or so ahead of time, travel there, and then travel back home. If I want to eat in, I have to place my order and then wait for several minutes while my sandwich cooks. Fortunately, a new venture is out to reform these time-consuming tasks, letting you order up sandwiches on your smartphone and putting them in your hands about a minute after entering the shop. It’s called The Melt, and sells grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. Only grilled cheese sandwiches and soup.

Announced yesterday at the All Things Digital conference, The Melt is the creation of Jonathan Kaplan, co-founder of the company that brought us the Flip Camera. It promises to be the perfect marriage of sandwiches and technology, boasting not only mobile orders, but advanced grill technology that toasts the bread while melting the cheese. You can scan a QR code when entering the shop, and your sandwich will be ready and paid for in about a minute.

A restaurant that serves only grilled cheese, soup, and drinks is basically my concept of heaven, but would it interest you? Kaplan told conferencegoers that he has enough capital to open a total of 20 Melts, and four are opening soon in San Francisco and Palo Alto.

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