Did US Airways Use This Luggage As A Pinata?

Apparently some baggage handlers working for US Airways must have thought there was candy inside our reader’s luggage and went to town on it in a fun game on the tarmac involving blindfolds and bats. That’s the only possible explanation for the abused condition he got it back in. More beatings, of the psychic sort, ensued after he tried to seek recourse from US Airways before being finally told he would have to drive 45 miles back to the airport so they could inspect the bag. Fed up, our reader emailed this letter to the CEO of US Airways:

From: xxxxxx xxxxxx
Date: Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 9:44 AM
Subject: Destroyed Luggage from Charlotte to Little Rock, AR and no help from US AIRWAYS
To: douglas.parker@usairways.com

Dear Sir,

On Monday, 30th, 2011 I was on a US AIRWAYS flight, US2625, from Charlotte to Little Rock, AR with confirmation number xxxxxx. On Monday we flew in from Munich and cleared customs at Charlotte. We were in possession of our bag, and it was in perfect shape when it was put on the conveyor belt for the flight to Little Rock. The flight to Little Rock was uneventful with no turbulence, and perfect landing by the first officer — great flying mind you. Once in Little Rock we have received our bag in seriously damaged shape, with all our belongings scattered, and bag taped in the middle with 1/4 inch tape, allowing other belongings to fall out. The seams were ripped, the zippers broken off, the metal shape guide wire hanging out, and various dents in the bag frame. Immediately upon receiving our back we paged the US AIRWAYS staff on the ground. They told us to call tomorrow, as no one was available to deal with it at 9:30 PM CST. Reluctantly, I accepted this, as this was already a 24 hour journey.

The next day I attempted to call US AIRWAYS twice in Little Rock, with no answer. Today I decided to give the corporate office a call and get this issue resolved. (This was not my first bag destroyed by US AIRWAYS. On several previous occasions I have received my luggage that has been kicked and ripped with obvious foot prints. I’ve let this slide.)

Today I was told that I should have filed a damage report within 24 hours, and that if I need anything done I need to bring the bag back to the airport. This would be acceptable if I lived within 10 miles of the airport. Instead, I live 45 miles from the AIRPORT, and work full time even further away from the airport. Economically speaking it will cost me and you more to bring this bag back to US AIRWAYS for your staff to “investigate” if the bag can be repaired (which they also said they would ship it to Charlotte?? ), than just to forget about the whole deal.

Which brings us to the present; I am sick and tired of getting kicked around like my luggage by US AIRWAYS, and that is why I am contacting you directly.

Thank you for giving me 2 minutes of your attention

It’s a good story with a good picture, but dear reader, you are missing one step in your letter. What specifically do you want US Airways to do? Pay for your bag? Give you $50 off your next flight? You need to always have in your complaint letter the material benefit, the thing of cash value, that you are seeking from the company so they know how they can resolve your issue.

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