DC Comics Suffers Midlife Crisis, Gets All Modern

It seems that in the world of comic books, the equivalent of getting a sports car and a mistress when confronted with mortality is a wholesale shake-up that includes renumbered issues, new uniforms for its heroes and a focus on digital delivery. DC Comics, the home of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, is attempting to reinvent itself in the face of falling print sales before it’s too late.

USA Today outlines the comic company’s changes, which include starting 52 series over from issue No. 1 in August and September. Although the numbering and costume redesign may be nothing more than window dressing, the most interesting aspect of DC’s new plan could be the decision to release superhero issues digitally the same day they show up in stores. The story says DC is the first major publisher to try such a maneuver.

Let’s hope things work out better than they did in the Wonder Woman reboot fiasco.

DC Comics unleashes a new universe of superhero titles [USA Today]

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