Man To Eat His 25,000th Big Mac Today

At 4pm Eastern, Don Gorske, 57, will have eaten his 25,000th Big Mac, reports Wisinfo. He has timed the event to coincide with the exact anniversary, down to the hour, of the very first time he ate, and fell in love with, Big Macs 39 years ago. Despite daily doses of Big Macs consisting of “90% of his solid food intake,” Gorske is not obese and he runs in races. How is this possible?

Well the worst part about fast food comes from the grease the fries are fried in and the sugar packed into its sodas. He doesn’t eat the fries or drink the soda, just the beef special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun. He is 6 foot 2, 185 pounds and says his cholesterol level is 140. He eats around 2 Big Macs a day and that adds up to only around a daily intake of 1,080.

See, fast food isn’t evil, just the fries, soda, and sugar-filled salad dressing and sugar-drenched yogurt smoothies are. Writing this story makes me want to walk over to McDonald’s and get one of them Angus burgers and a seltzer, and that’s it.

Fond du Lac man prepares to eat 25,000th Big Mac [Wisinfo] (Thanks to GitEmSteveDave!)

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