‘Stolen’ Urban Outfitters Jewelry Design Not All That Original


If there’s anything that the Internet loves, it’s a story about a big, evil corporation screwing over a creative individual or small company. That’s why people were quick to get behind the Etsy seller who claimed that Urban Outfitters stole her jewelry designs and was selling cheap knockoffs. The jewelry is similar, but her claim that the designs were original and hers alone is a lot more complicated than that.

It’s a little sad when investigative reporting is left up to humor sites, but April Winchell of the incomparable Regretsy looked into the history of state-outline-with-heart-cutout jewelry on Etsy. While this particular seller may have thought up the idea all on her own, different versions of the necklace predate her shop, dating back to as early as 2008.

Maybe there really are no new ideas out there.

Urban Outrage [Regretsy]

Urban Outfitters Offers Jewelry Identical To Independent Designer’s Line

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